Inclusion and Development of the Informal Sector

  • Study ways and mechanics to attract the informal sector to work within the formal sector through the coordination with related agencies and bodies.
  • Protection of consumer rights through the conversion of the informal sector into the formal sector to ensure its commitment to the conformity of its products to specifications; and in order to achieve security and safety of citizens both in terms of health, usage and the provision of after-sales services.
  • Study the negative impact on the productivity of companies that operate legally due to their inability to compete on prices. A fact that led to the withdrawal of many of them from the market, or forced them to work at partial production capacities; as opposed to the increased number of companies operating on an informal basis, and the growing presence of their products - which do not conform to standards and specifications - on the markets. Moreover, the inability to control these entities which lead legislators to toughen punishment on the companies that are monitored.
  • Study the recommendations required to deal with this phenomenon, and the concerted efforts required to face it. The position of part of this sector should be corrected immediately due to the harm it inflicts on the health of citizens; the rest must be lured by many motivational actions for their integration in the formal sector, a process that requires studying the different laws and mechanisms of relevance.

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