FEI maintains core values in its endeavor to pushing forward the industrial economy of the nation with Advocating Growth and Prosperity, Corporate Social Responsibility and Collective Action at heart . In addition, FEI aspires to:


  • Providing professional representation & advocacy of member interests locally & globally.
  • Facilitating access to essential knowledge, information, advice and consultation services.
  • Promoting economic development via: Advancing the usage of clean & innovative technologies.
  • Supporting entrepreneurship and initiatives for marginalized sectors.
  • Forging & strengthening cooperation and alliances with international organizations & institutions.
  • Minimizing administrative, regulatory and other potential burdens on businesses and startups.
  • Extending training & capacity building opportunities.
  • Supporting business development needs.
  • Promoting corporate social responsibility, sustainability awareness and best practices in each industrial sector.

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    1195 Nile Corniche,

    Boulaq, Cairo Governorate


    +20(2) 25797074-6




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