"The Voice of Industry in Egypt" is the pivotal mission of FEI, and the undertaking we pledged to continue, and the responsibility we claimed and intend to serve to the fullest and to the best of our capabilities to recover the eminence and distinction of the Egyptian industries, a status Egypt has enjoyed throughout its history. Our belief remains to be that industry is the solid foundation for a nation's economy: a strong industry is an absolute essential for the prosperity and welfare of its people.

A country’s path to evolution and advancement can be measured by the progression of its industries. A healthy, stable and growing industrial sector reflects positively on all aspects of peoples’ lives, from creating jobs, eradicating poverty and destitution, to achieving equality and justice among citizens and society as a whole.

Furthermore, a sturdy industrial sector is capable of providing financing resources for the development of other life-related critical requirements such as education, health, scientific research and other fundamentals of a nation’s economy, and needs of its people.

FEI is keen to proceed with setting foundations, working on reforms and innovation, to strengthen the infrastructure for our local industries, with its member chambers, partners and all stakeholders.

FEI prides itself with working with local, regional and international partners; drawing the best available expertise, technologies and facilities to develop and implement strategies based on strengthening micro, small and medium-sized industries.

FEI is also pursuing the establishment of industrial parks in every governorate, in-tune with the natural resources and requirements of local markets in each. As well, FEI is playing a positive role towards supporting the set-up of small ancillary and complementary industries serving large-scale industries and promoting exports thus creating more jobs and drawing more investments.

Advocacy being a main role of FEI, it is always working closely with relevant governmental entities to defend and uphold the interests of all involved parties, namely: manufacturer, labor and consumer by constantly studying, reviewing and proposing legislations and regulations to enhance a positive environment that is growth-promoting.

We, at the Federation of Egyptian Industries, have also embraced the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility among our enterprises, the commitment to using clean and renewable energy whenever possible, as well as applying the latest management systems to achieve a Decent Work Environment and the pursuit of Sustainable Development.

A working frame we believe, shall help Egypt regain its leadership and claim back her place among developed countries, industrially, economically and socially, thus achieving opulence, stability and prosperity as a nation and for its citizens.

Eng. Mohamed Zaki El-Sewedy,

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