Membership Guidelines

Membership Guidelines

Why would you join CFI membership?

CFI and its executive board welcome new members to join it and obtain its available services… so welcome to CFI

Membership requirements

  • The applicant should own food industry production line
  • Issued capital shouldn’t be less than EGP 5000 or insuring 25 workers or more
  • Having a valid commercial register

Required documents

  • Copy of the commercial register
  • Copy of General Authority for manufacturing approval
  • Copy of the license
  • Copy of the company’s contract
  • Copy of the tax card
  • Copy of the industrial register
  • Copy of GAFI approval
  • A personal photo of the establishment’s representative


Sr. Category Subscription 
1. Less than EGP 1 million LE 500
2. From EGP 1 million to less than EGP 5 million LE 2000
3. From EGP 5 million to less than EGP 10 million LE 5000
4. From EGP 10 million to less than EGP 30 million LE 7500
5. More than EGP 30 million LE 10000


     For first subscription only, EGP 50 are added as membership fees